Chocolate milk is tasty, sweet and favorite drink. Chocolate milk could be refrigerated like other milk.

Chocolate milk is tasty, sweet and favorite drink. You can easily make, add chocolate inside it and it is ready. Either you can buy it pre-mixed or can be prepared in your own home by mixing cocoa powder, melted chocolate, chocolate syrup and milk. Other ingredients for example salt, vanilla or artificial flavor might be added.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk could be refrigerated like other milk. At mega stores we have seen the large varieties of pre-mixed chocolate milk in bottles and cartons. Few well known brands like Ovaltine and Nesquik can be put in hot milk as well as cold milk.

To make chocolate milk, first pour milk in glass and add powered cocoa in it, and stir. Powder can’t be mixed well in cold milk when compared with chocolate syrup. It has 16 nutrients including calcium and vitamin D. kids avoid drinking plain milk.

The Nutritional Facts

Chocolate milk varieties offered in various fat percentages contain similar ingredient ratios, aside from the fat content. Containing roughly 160 calories, 20 of these derived from fat, chocolate milk doesn’t provide a low calorie protein source. Saturated fats along with cholesterol and a sodium content close to 150 milligrams also hinders the drink‚Äôs capability to stand as a strong primary source for protein. Containing nearly 25 grams of carbohydrates per a 1 cup serving size, all besides one originating from sugar, chocolate milk includes a much higher sugar to protein ratio than other healthy protein sources.

Drinking milk supplies a good whole food source for minerals and vitamins including calcium, (30 percent is roofed per serving size). However, besides the high level of essential minerals and vitamins, chocolate milk contains only eight grams of protein per serving. Consuming chocolate milk or any number of milk as a primary protein source can lead to weight gain through fatty tissue, instead of lean muscle fiber.

Chocolate Milk for any Weight Gain Diet

Drinking chocolate milk included in a healthy protein rich diet doesn’t completely hinder the chance of muscle growth, but could actually stimulate the process. Using chocolate milk because the base of a protein shake, containing a protein powder supplement, supplies a low glycemic carbohydrate source which provides a great dietary choice. Understanding that the amounts of carbohydrates and bad fats c

Chocolate Milk Nutrition Facts for Kids

Chocolate Milk Nutrition Facts for Kids

ontained per serving in chocolate milk can help you choose a better protein source.

Our prime ratio of sugary carbohydrates versus protein makes milk a substandard primary protein option. Although the drink offers a healthy food source, primarily counting on the drink to provide an adequate protein source works as a mistake. Several muscle building diets suggest a consumption of around one to two grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Considering the fact that most healthy primary protine sames such as lean meats, eggs, fish, seafood and protein supplements contain hardly any sugars, fats and carbohydrates, those choices seem sensible for the proposed diet plan.

Health Benefits

As you can see, chocolate milk provides extensive nutrition to offer with protein, calcium, and phosphorus to be the nutrients of highest values within this drink. While the health benefits milk happen to be studied separately, recent research conducted around the benefits of both combined have given the following results:

  • Chocolate milk may provide a good amount of energy required to kick start the day. Make it a a part of your breakfast and see your feelings energized throughout. Of course, you have to ensure that you are having a balanced breakfast and never a high calorie one or else you will end up feeling tired and sluggish, as well as the weight gain that will ensue thereafter.
  • Reserach has shown that low-fat chocolate milk is the perfect post-workout drink that helps restore damaged and worn-out muscle tissue. A glass consumed within a quarter-hour of a workout will give your body enough protein to develop muscle that has been broken down in the process of a good work out.
  • Drinking chocolate milk following a workout also helps reduce the fatigue the entire workout causes. If you happen to work out in the morning and rush for work, a glass of chocolate milk might help reduce some of the tiredness the whole process brings about.
  • A glass of warm chocolate milk before going to sleep can send you off right into a relaxing sleep as it contains tryptophan, an protein that is known to relax the body and lower stress.
  • The darker the chocolate accustomed to prepare this drink is, the healthier the body will remain. You will be at a lower chance of developing cardiovascular and other diseases as chocolates contains a large number of antioxidants that keep your immune system healthy.